Four-Hour Creative Challenges

Destination Imagination of BC

Our Challenge

This was one of the most conceptual campaigns we’ve ever taken on.

Basically, young adults go to Destination Imagination to learn about teamwork and ingenuity by doing projects, while racing against the clock. There is something that happens with the crunch of time that quickly distills your ideas, and allows you to focus.

We tried to replicate the environment that the kids were in while doing their projects, except on a weekly basis. This proved to be an interesting experiment. Each week the individual creatives brought something completely different to the table. The idea was we would create thirteen different ads across thirteen different mediums with thirteen different creatives over thirteen weeks. With only four hours to make each ad! That incredible time crunch is what gets the brain humming.

Let's Have A Blast Poster

For the first challenge we needed an invite for other creative professionals to participate. Poster was designed by Katie Lapi

Nostalgic Postcard

With Flora, we made a postcard that addresses the importance of leaving the phone alone and looking for answers in one’s imagination instead.

Steamy Stickers

For our final challenge we worked with phenomenal Canadian-born Hong Kong-based artist, Rachel Smith. We created a subtle ambient piece that lays dormant until activated by STEAM (as well as most mists). When this transparent sticker is applied to a window, such as the inside of a bus, a shop, or a ferry, it’s invisible to the naked eye. It’s only when condensation sets in that the word “Imagination” appears. The anti-fog material of the sticker offers complete clarity when everything else is shrouded in opacity. Written on the sticker is: Your Destination. Visionary Training through STEAM

Full Speed Ahead Through Your Mind