Undisputed Champions Of Luminosity

Shearwater Research

Our Challenge

Scuba diving is an adventure.

We wanted to tap into the feeling that you get while exploring new worlds: Where you don’t feel human. You feel… like a champion.

The campaign highlights Peregrine as the undisputed leader of luminosity in an array of vivid colours.

This was the third instalment of our legendary diving series. In the past, we used European mythological creatures such a mermaids, Poseidon, and sirens. For this campaign, we introduced lost underwater cities in Indonesia and Egypt.


Creative Photography

Light The Way

Peregrine has the most luminous screen on the market, so you can see what's coming at you down below.

Print - Magazine Advertising

The Lost Cities

Heracleion is a lost city in Egypt only recently discovered by divers. It's bucket list destination for many enthusiasts.

Digital - Social media campaigns

Embark On Your Adventure

We combined legendary creature transformation with epic lost underwater cities.

The insight

Pick up a scuba diving magazine. All the ads look exactly the same. We introduce legendary characters to stand out from the homogenized sea.

The Third Of Ongoing Legendary Diving Campaign Series.