Always On Your Mind

Pollock Clinics

Our Challenge

We live in a society that celebrates violence but gets squeamish at anything sexual.

In an ideal world, we could discuss medical issues openly and without shame. It’s natural, after all, and surprisingly common, with 50% of men in their forties affected

The challenge became, how do we initiate the conversation, tastefully, in polite society today.

The Damage You Don’t See

Our plan was to demonstrate firsthand the most debilitating part of the problem (outside the bedroom):

Sexual dysfunction holds our thoughts hostage and occupies space in our mind.



This print ad won Best Of Show at the Summit International Awards (2021).

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

The Doctor Will See You

A subtle approach to a sensitive topic.

Direct Mail - Postcard design

Plants > Landfills

These seeded cards were given to UBC professors at a conferenece Buried in soil, they grow.

The plan

Rorschach used his patients' interpretations of what they saw in inkblots to better understand their subconscious thoughts.

The insight

That which ails you is always on your mind.

The plan

Allow the audience to interpret the visual in the way that best reflects their own thinking. Ads were placed in Monte Cristo magazine and online. We also created postcards on seeded paper as collateral for doctors at a UBC conference.

This Ad Won Best Of Show At The Summits In 2021.