Working With Immersion Creative

So you want to build a campaign to get your message out to the masses. Where to begin?

Peter and Julia on set of Homes For Heroes


How we work:

1. Pick a direction (idea) from one of 3 sketch drawings:

2. Pick a photographer – photography will be used for the visuals for- outdoor, print advertising, radio, TV, online, etc.

3. Pick a TV style – motion graphic or live action – we will use TV for television broadcast, YouTube pre-roll and social media

*If live action shoot the photography while on set shooting TV

Live Action

Motion Graphic / Kinetic Type

4. Pick the MEDIA to reach your audience- outdoor, print advertising, radio, TV, online, etc. Don’t worry we can help you with this part.

For example.

-Sports on TV (30 second ads)

-News on TV (30 second ads)

-Bus Supertails and kings (side banners)

-Skytrain station posters

-Superbowl ads (Canada market only)

-Full page print ads (wraps)

-Radio on the major stations


5. Build a SALES FUNNEL – This is how you are going to reach your B2B clients and get your influencers.

Here’s one way we lay out a plan:

Send a message to their social media.

Follow up with registered mail with interesting envelopes.

Follow up with a phone call.

Follow up with an email.

Track everything on an XL doc.


We start with Strategic Planning over several meetings as to how best approach this.

Either way, once you have your message, your medium and your celebrity endorsement, you are well on your way.

That’s what it’s like working with Immersion Creative. We’re the spark that gets things started. And once we get going, that sizzling wick ignites the flame, which sets off these dazzling fireworks, one after the next, in an incredible chain reaction, right back to the factory down by the water which detonates with a thunderous bang into a sky-shattering kaleidoscope of splintered wood and crackling lights. All the while the whole city watches, mouths open, eyes flickering with the burning light on the lake. “Wow! what was that? What just happened? That was wild.”

Yes. That’s what it’s like. We get things done, there’s no question about that, and we’re intense, and effective, and always doing work that we’re proud of.

Here’s an example of how we used this technique for Influencer Acquisition for Canadian Mental Health.