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Going Back To The Basics To Build Your Business

If you’re like most successful businesses, it was your personal approach that made the sales sing when you first started. Your reputation. Your personality. Your style. Chances are, you built a brand in the image of yourself. And it worked. Now, you have your sales pitch down, and operations running like a top—it’s time to take that passion and vocalize it to masses.

This means advertising. Done right, it’s brimming with insights particular to your approach—a campaign custom tailored to your brand and no one else’s. Where does one begin? Well, here are six ways one Vancouver advertising agency can make your branding unmistakably you.

1. Sell in your style

This is where Immersion Creative comes in. We get to know how your business, and you, actually operate. We get right under the hood by working directly with you, right there, from within your place of business right off the bat. It’s a literal immersion. 

2. Put your expertise into your advertising message

For the first week (or couple of days), I come to work at your location just like any other employee. All I need is a corner where I can set up shop, and get started writing ads. Everything is built around firsthand observation about how your company actually works. I absorb as much as I can about what makes your business unique, from your sense of humour, to your personal style, to the sales techniques which you’ve refined over time. Once I’ve familiarized myself with your business, I start writing ads that are built around these insights.

3. Work with what’s proven. Work with what’s unorthodox.

No one else does this. Working from Within is a completely different, yet incredibly common sense, approach to creating an advertising campaign. I call this process the Immersion Experience. And it works. Over the past fifteen years I have done this for numerous clients including Mattress Choice, Escott Sportfishing, Dvibz, Pardon Services Canada, Alpine Credits, CampbellCare, and Simmons Mattress Gallery. Other times, when headquarters is further away, I’ll immerse myself in my client’s business by fully engaging in the product. I went on the Dr. Bernstein Diet for Dr.B and lost thirty pounds in thirty days while documenting the entire process and putting the insights into the advertising messaging and concepts. We went on as many Events & Adventures as we could when immersing ourselves in that client, and I even became an active member of the Wolves Combatives self defence program when writing for that brand.

4. Be original. Cookie-cutter campaigns don’t work.

A generic or boring ad only helps your competition. It speaks only to your industry and not to what makes your particular business unique. This is the best you’ll get with automation or AI. Big tower agencies can build a campaign for you off a creative brief, so it will at least have some of your input. But chances are, unless you plan to spend millions of dollars. your advertising will be handled by a junior team with more of a thirst for making a name for themselves than your brand. 

5. Find experts in the field 

What you need is a seasoned professional who has all the awards he’ll ever need. You want someone that knows how to make your story stand out, especially in the sea of similar brands in your industry. I’ve been doing this a long time. Advertising is a competitive industry and to stay alive with consistent, high-calibre work,  one needs to prove themselves over and over. After twenty years in the business (fifteen with Immersion) and over 100 satisfied clients, I’ve got the experience to have a good idea of what will work.

6. Get excited again

Ambition starts with advertising. Let’s get you motivated to make those sales sing once again, and rebuild your messaging around the tried and true of what worked when you first started growing.


To book a free initial consultation about how Mike Catherall can help you build your business with an Immersion Experience, contact Mike at mike @ immersioncreative . Com