Vancouver SEO

Using Google+ To Affect Search Results

One of the advantages of Google+ is that it puts the articles you write on the first page of search results.

If you write about Vancouver, you’ll be on the first page for a Vancouver search amongst your followers.

The repercussions of this are huge.

Follow these 4 Steps to see what I mean

1. Go and search for advertising.

There are over 2,480,000,000 results.

NOTE: Advertising is just one example. Some of the topics my clients have written about have been: loans, debt, mattresses, Vancouver, etc.

2. Now, log in as: Jon Smith with Gmail

[email protected]


Jon is just a test account. He is an example of any one of the followers of my clients’ Google+ accounts.

3. Search for advertising again.

The first page results have changed for Jon Smith. He is friends with my clients, and I have written about advertising. Because of that, we are on the first page.

4. Repeat the process for Vancouver, loans, debt and mattresses.

These are things we write about – but it could be potentially anything you want.

Everyone Jon follows affects his search. He follows Harvey Wipp (Alpine Credits) and Dorian Blinko (Full Circle) and Neil Wurst (Simmons). So any search for loans, debt or a mattress related matter will go to the first page.



Whatever you write about will get put to the first page of your followers.

It is the consistent content that makes the difference.

We post 3x per week. We write about BC Sports. So any sports, ie Canucks related search will put them first page too.

We also write about Things to Do In Vancouver – so searches for that will find us first page too.

This will affect the search of all of your followers.

Unlike Twitter, your followers on Google+ will have a direct affect on search.

Google+ the new way, but it’s still in its infancy. So it’s easy to get mass followers early on (ie they let your follow up to 250 people at a time through Circles).

The trick is to get as many followers in Canada as possible. You can do this through Region-specific Circles (ie Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, etc) which I have already created.

The Caveats

It only affects the people who follow you.

They need to have a Google+ account



  1. Time. It takes a lot of time to write blogs, post updates, build followers and build a Google+ account. Most business owners just don’t have the time to do this. It’s easier to outsource to a company like Immersion.
  2. Quality control. We have professional writers on staff to ensure that your columns and articles are to journalistic standards.
  3. Building followers. You will need thousands of region-specific followers to make the most of these search results. It takes time, and expertise to build these groups properly.
  4. Innovation. The search landscape is constantly changing. Immersion is not worried about sharing its latest findings (such as this) because there will always be more. The Internet is always changing. So your agency must be as well. We are constantly innovating and adapting, and providing your account with the latest expertise.

To find out more about how to put your business on the first page of Google search, contact [email protected]