"I got a random call yesterday from someone who just "wanted to congratulate us on an amazing campaign." I also got a call tonight from someone who wants to buy a condo. I'll be meeting with him next Sat so keep you posted:) So all in all, stellar feedback on the campaign from my colleagues, randoms and potential clients. Thank you!"

Anthea Poon, The Residential Group Realty

"Mike spent 2 weeks getting to know our company, our clients and the way we work. He then created a fully integrated advertising program across all of our mediums (web, TV, Radio, Direct Mail). Mike’s creativity, passion and drive for perfection have helped our organization move into the next phase of our brand existence. I would recommend Immersion Creative to any company looking for a fresh approach to their advertising campaign."

Kurt Wipp, Alpine Credits

"Immersion Creative was vital to the growing success of our business. We had a good product, but nobody knew about us. Through social marketing and creative advertising Mike helped us acquire 540% more students."

Laura Housden and Marlene Burrows, PRIMED Educational Associates

"When we called Mike, we had an idea of what we were trying to do but had been unable to articulate it in a coherent way to others. Mike helped us organize our thoughts and worked with us to develop a concept that clearly describes who we are to potential clients. The best thing about working with Mike was that he became a key part of our team, described to us decisions that had to be made and provided expert advice on the implications of our decisions. The end result: a product that we love and feel is our own, but could not have happened without Mike's expertise and insight."

Rob Miller - Miller Titerle LLP

"Immersion Creative was able to optimize my website and provide me with the social media I needed to take the first page of Google. The price was right and the service was exceptional."‎

Donna Ferguson, DF Psychology

"Crazy, mad, creative, funny, thoughtful, and sweaty. He is sharing and will understand this after you work with him and know him."

Asawin "Bear" Phanichwatana, Creative Director, DDB Hong Kong

"We are a twenty-year old company which has gone through several different identities and images. Mike Catherall's approach was that of a genuine stakeholder. He spent time in the office, researched our business and competitors, and gained an implicit understanding of what we did and what we stood for. He articulated his understanding and defined us to the marketplace, and indeed to ourselves. The staff are proud and the market views us as genuine (in a marketplace of glib, commonplace articulations of identity). His approach is unconventional but it works - we are making more money."

Azmairnin Jadavji, CEO, Pardon Services Canada.

"I've been working as an account manager for 9 years and have spent most of my time making daily calls to generate business leads. Mike Catherall suggested that he setup a blog for me of which I had no knowledge of how this should be done. He formatted this for me and completed the introduction to start me on my way. I've been consistently ranked #1 on Google for both "Vancouver Transit Advertising" and "Vancouver Bus Advertising" searches. This has generated 2-3 direct new leads every week and 10 new substantial clients. This has enabled me to focus my efforts more strongly on expanding the campaigns of existing clients. I have also directed large agency clients to the blog for general information on the transit products I've featured. This in turn has generated new business for outdoor and transit media, Vancouver Ad Agencies, and likely their clients. Mike Catherall is a dedicated full service professional dedicated to building results with the individuals/companies he works with."

Jon Kanngeisser, Senior Account Manager, Outdoor and Transit Sales