Television Advertising & Video

We work with several independent video producers to offer a range of styles at a variety of pricing options that best suit your budget. Check out the Immersion Creative portfolio of TV advertising and digital work.

Seems a bit daunting? Here’s everything you need to know about our process of making a TV ad.



Cinematic Commercials

For this emotional TV commercial for the Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia we had a crew of over sixty people. For the follow-up shoot in 2017 we had a seventy-foot camera crane. We like to do real stunts with practical effects (no CGI). We also like to try out new techniques, like continuous motion without edits.

TV Advertising. Keeping It Simple.

When you want to go big or go home, we're here. We have also produced award-winning work on a shoestring budget. We can get you on TV for a song, but why hamstring a great idea that could fly with a healthier budget? TV adds legitimacy to any business. Standards are echoed in the budget.

Digital Video Production

Movement on Instagram sets off that hunter-gatherer part of our caveman-lizard brains. We can also do simple motion graphic videos as well.


Getting a TV ad ready for broadcast requires more steps than you might expect. You need to clear censors, close caption, digitally transfer the files and make sure its formatted correctly for each station.

Media Planning & Buying

There are two things that people still watch live that a PVR can't touch: Sports and News. I only buy live events. There's an art to buying sports media that I'll talk to you about in person.

Content Production

Consistent imagery with the same talent and style? That's pro. If you have a bunch of assorted stock videos, you look like any other company doing it on the cheap.