Direct Mail Advertising

People want something they can hold in their hands. That’s the major advantage that direct mail has over digital: it’s tactile. When it comes to catching and holding attention, every sense you can bring into play is a bonus.

Before we were measuring, refining, and replicating our results with digital media, there was direct mail.

By A/B testing direct mail across neighbourhood, demographic, message, and offer—the original research agencies were able to laser-focus campaigns—one mail drop at a time.



Brochure design

A presence IRL reminds the market you're real as well.

Catalogue design

Aren't course catalogues a drag? Going to school should be exciting. All the courses you can take, and the interesting new things to learn. But instead we get a gloomy tome heavy with oppressive uninspired text. Bleh. When we make catalogues, we make them like magazines. Fun, colourful, and engaging with features like Dos and Don'ts, Top Tens, Q&As and even spoof ads.

Booklet design

Booklets are like fireside chats. They're an opportunity to tell your story at a deeper level—and a slower pace—to really get into the details.

Postcard design

Everyone loves getting postcards in the mail if it's from friends or family travelling abroad. Postcards are often silly, whimsical, friendly and fun. When we make ads on postcards we try to have the same lighthearted air. Let's make it interesting, or playful, or at the very least, useful.

Media planning & buying

The blanket approach of TV and radio can be a waste of resources. It's a five-minute drive from Kerrisdale to Kitsiano, but they couldn't be further apart in their markets. So if you want to start picking transit shelters and billboards on specific corners, where do you look? You start with direct mail to test the waters and build a map. Direct mail in Vancouver is a matter of having local knowledge of the region. A whole lot can change just by walking down Main, be it clothing, hairstyle or waist size.