Branding Services

We custom-build brands that are a reflection of your style and your style alone. It’s often developed through either an Immersion Experience or a series of positioning meetings where we get to the guts of what makes your business unique.

Find out more about the Immersion branding process here.

When you want a polished corporate image that’s unique, yet just inside-the-box, we have our Esquire corporate branding services.



Do it right the first time. Invest in a good logo that will last forever. It gets very expensive to reprint all your materials and signage after a few years, plus you're throwing away all that brand equity. Just do it right. Our logos come with inverted, stacked, black/white, icon, and square versions.

Branding Kits

Once you have your logo, you're going to need business cards, letterhead, stationary, a digital signature, vehicle signage, and some collateral (branded pens and the like).


Our naming process is collaborative yet structured. We examine names that are Arbitrary, Invented, Descriptive, Connotative, Alphanumeric, Acronymic and Surnames across a matrix of unique company propositions filtering for SEO, domain options and legal availability (not to mention how it sounds in other languages). We can do it in person or via video conference call. Alternatively, I can just present a bunch of options.


The positioning of a company is the unique selling proposition that makes you unique from your peers. We get to the root of that through a series of exercises, done collaboratively with partners and staff, to distill your central message from a paragraph, to a sentence, to a word, and finally, an essence.


A big part of the strategic planning is in the competitive analysis. We look for the unique position (favourable or otherwise) of each of your competition and assess where your brand fits in the spectrum. We look at a five-year plan. We discuss the media you need to move forward. We look at your target market, how you reach them, and what your brand, as a whole, is conveying.