Advertising Consultation

Immersion started as just me. I was a copywriter, working from within. I wasn’t in-house. I was an observer. I’dĀ  set up shop in a client’s place of businessā€”sometimes at a desk right next to themā€”and I’d absorb as much as I could for a week, sometimes more, before building a custom campaign around their style, sense of humour, and intricate knowledge of their own product.

Between interviews and observations, I’d build an action plan and start writing the ads. Things happen fast when I’m literally right there. Once we’dĀ have a campaign in mind, I bring it to life. From here, I’d source art directors, designers, photographers, programmers, and social media specialists as well. It was in this way that I built a solid crew that would stick together for over a decade.

That’s how Immersion Creative was born.

If you are a fishing lodge, you don’t want an ad that can work for ANY fishing lodge. You want one that is tailored uniquely to YOU. There are thousands of REALTORSĀ® but what makes YOU distinct?

The only way a creative agency can know a client’s business so intimately is by actually taking the time to experience its inner-workings, understand its nuances, work with its idiosyncrasies, and articulate its strengths.

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I've been doing advertising for almost nineteen years nowā€”thirteen with Immersion. I've gone from young, rising star (below) to old, ornery veteran (above) in what seems like a crazy dream. I never set out to consult. The shoe fits though, given my experience. After handling hundreds of accounts and thousands of problems for every type of client in every major industry, there's a good chance I've seen this movie before, and I'll know a way to write a better ending.

Immersion Experiences

One thing I have learned over the years of doing Immersions, is that no one knows the intricacies of the sales process like the client. So we work from there. I spend a week immersed in their environment, absorbing their culture and learning how they know and sell their wares. Then, I expand it from the showroom to the rest of the world via a campaign aligned with that strategy, but in a way that catches your attention, and makes it easy for everyone to understand.

Media Planning

If I can get thirteen years of mileage out of this outfit, just imagine what I can do with yours. With a disciplined media plan, you are simply more efficient.


I've been writing ads for almost nineteen years. Am I any good? Well, I'm still here.

Copy Editing

If your spelling is bad you look stupid. I have an eagle eye for typos, design hiccups, and grammatical gaffes. Sometimes you just need that quality control. I used to edit copy for HP and Iron Mountain. I used to go to parties. Now, I read the Chicago Manual of Style just for fun.

Media Buying

I always have my ear to the ground with reps across every sector for deals, sales, and opportunities in the market. We have creative ways of maximizing media budgets.