We collaborate with world-class, award-winning Vancouver photographers like Peter Holst, Matthew Chen and Christoph Prevost for our high-concept work. For product photography and staff photos we work with the talented Erin Wild Photography. For headshots and glamour photos, the incomparable aesthetic of Maria Hruschak Photography.

When you want a polished corporate image that’s unique, yet just inside-the-box, we have our Esquire corporate branding services.

We live in an era where custom photography is a rare commodity. Social media algorithms see us as ones and zeroes and feed us stock imagery like the soulless robots they are. Don’t listen to those monsters. Put something on your wall that you’re proud of.

High Concept Photography

An amazing print ad is an artifact. It's a treasure in your kingdom that's yours and yours alone. It's also your secret weapon. Does your competition have original artwork? Or are they as unsophisticated as the stock imagery they buy?

Award-Winning Photography

This campaign won at the Applied Arts Awards as well as the Summit International Awards and it was featured in a textbook on charity advertising (random). The shot above is what we took in-camera! It was a lot of planning—and a little luck—to capture that exact moment.

Fashion Photography

Perhaps it's a stylish aesthetic you seek? This look is great for high-end headshots and concepts with glamorous models (even if they're covered in hay).

Corporate Photography

Public service, community messaging, and more governmental work requires a certain look and approach. We've got that dialed as well.

Staff Photography

One part: Craft. Consistent lighting, art direction and styling go a long way. One part: Project Management. There are a lot of moving pieces (and people) in a staff shoot. One part: Psychology. Erin is the master of making people comfortable and relaxed on camera. I do more of the Flavor Flav thing. But it works!

Esquire Photography

We've shot lawyers on horses, lawyers at sea, lawyers in helicopters, lawyers in the post-apocalypse, lawyers around notable landmarks in the Tri-Cities. I've shot enough lawyers to know: it's all about the setting. I have a bunch of unusual locations scouted out. Let's talk—even if you aren't a lawyer—I could use the diversity.

Portrait Photography

Maria brings an artistic sensibility to everything she takes on. She can do anything from corporate headshots to boudoir and even wet plate tin types.

Product Photography

We can shoot your product. We can shoot your inventory. We can even shoot this thing.