When High Concept And High Fashion Intersect

JRoss Recruiters

Our Challenge

 The retail and hospitality industries have a difficult task when it comes to finding the right staff. There are so many applicants out there, it is hard to find the right fit. JRoss Recruiters has an extensive database of talented individuals to choose from and has been cultivating relationships with high end retailers such as Tiffany and Hugo Boss for decades. 

Creative Photography

Going Big With The Key Visual

When producing new creative, using a full page ad or billboard as a starting place is a good idea. It allows us to create the concept in full, and then integrate it across other mediums with more limiting specs (such as the dimensions of a bus back for example).

Creative Photography

Slick New Postcard Mailer

We introduced our new creative with the postcard first.

The insight

When it comes to hiring leaders in high-end retail or hospitality, you need to find the professionals who know these industries.

The plan

JRoss has a prestigious, high-end client base, catering to brands such as Tiffany’s, Birks, Four Seasons and more. They needed their branding to match the blue-chip sensibilities of their clients. We wanted to stand out from other recruiters in the industry, while remaining tasteful, professional and sophisticated. We started with full page print ads for trade magazines and a new website, newsletter. Our look was a nod to Hugo Boss, one of their top-shelf, stylish clients. So we hired professional models and fashion photographer Matthew Chen to go for the right look, adding real hay gave it a unique, conceptual angle that differentiated it from other pedestrian approaches to beautiful lighting and people.

Four years before ZipRecruiter