Let’s End the Stigma of Mental Illness

BC Schizophrenia Society

Our Challenge

There’s no stigma around taking insulin if you are a diabetic.

For psychosis, medicine is the only thing that works. 

Anyone can develop schizophrenia, delusional disorders or psychotic symptoms, it’s just life. 

There are doctors, lawyers, nurses and teachers that take anti-psychotic medication every day and they live perfectly normal lives as a result. This is not something that we should stigmatize. It’s something that we should discuss.

This pro-bono campaign aimed to normalize necessary medicine for those that need it. 

It was featured on social media and transit shelters around the Lower Mainland. 

Photography is by the excellent advertising photographer, Christoph Prevost.

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Out In The Open

These ads ran on platform posters and transit shelters in North Vancouver.

Making Mental Health Impossible To Ignore