The Watch That Transforms You


Our Challenge

Shearwater wanted to introduce an advanced dive computer to the recreational dive market where they saw a demand.

Our first ad featured mermaids.

The idea of legendary diving was a hit, so we kept on the legendary diving theme and introduced a few new creatures, including Poseidon, sprites, and sea nymphs.

The mythological angle made Shearwater ads stand out in a sea of boring magazine ads that looked the exactly the same (blue water, bright fish, pink coral, logo).

There was no way to miss them, and it showed.

Did It Work?

Did it ever. No one could have anticipated the tidal wave of web traffic they received to their website at the time of launch.

Orders for the product flooded the website, overwhelming the servers and crashing them.

Demand for the dive computer outpaced supply so dramatically, that it created a massive backlog in delivery and manufacturing.

All good problems, mind you, just not expected!

Print - Magazine Advertising

Epic Print Ads

We ran full-page ads in several diving enthusiast magazines around the world.

Branding - Positioning

Supernatural Trade Show Displays

We built a portable trade show setup that featured our three main characters: Poseidon, the sea nymph and the Siren.

Digital - PPC media campaigns

The Banners Seen Around The World

We also ran Google ads, Facebook and Instagram campaign featuring motion graphic videos and stills from the rest of the campaign.

The plan

Ever been a victim to your own success? Shearwater got a taste of that when launched the Teric campaign in 2017. The campaign featured Poseidon, a sea nymph and a mystical green sea goddess. It was an extension of the Legendary Diving campaign we made in 2015 featuring a startled mermaid.

The immersion

Everyone in our crew has their PADI and we have dove around the world.

The insight

Diving is an adventure and you never know what you’ll find.

The legendary adventure continues.