The Story of The Red Tomato

Auburn Retirement Residences

Our Challenge

The client had a good offer: retirement apartments designed that provided meals, a loving community and your own personal garden. We honed in on the garden right away. 

Seniors Read Newspapers

We ran this ad as a full-page ad in the Chilliwack Progress. Seniors are a demographic that still enjoy print. We made the ads big and bright and hard to miss.

That Dial Hasn’t Been Turned In 60 Years

We were able to score some amazing deals on shows no one watches (except seniors) like Bonanza, Murder She Wrote and Gunsmoke. The ads were less than $20 a spot, and we ran them constantly.

The Postcard With The Million-Dollar Headline

It’s not easy to get seniors to change. No matter how lovely Auburn was, with brand-new facilities and 3-meals a day, standard direct mail didn’t seem to be working. Along with the client, Immersion tried a few approaches over several drops. It was the elegant and optimistic headline: “Your Golden Years Have a Silver Lining” that really struck a chord with seniors in Chilliwack and Vancouver.

The insight

How amazing is it have your own garden in an apartment? We told the story of one red tomato, grown in that garden, and how it could illustrate all the other benefits of the property.

The plan

With the tomato as the key visual and concept we expanded on the idea to include full-page print ads, TV ads, as well as direct mail postcards to seniors and their families in Chilliwack.

The plan

The Results In only two weeks, all 20 units were sold.

It Just keeps getting better