The Most Inoffensive Ad In The World

Loan Express

Our Challenge

Outrage runs wild on social media. The slightest misstep can cancel your brand.

Loan Express wasn’t taking any chances. They wanted a campaign that was innocuous as possible. No people. No politics.

What could be less objectionable than the sun and moon? They are with us every night and day, and besides the odd drought and tidal wave, have never done anything to make us angry.

Loan Express was one of the first exclusively online lenders. We used the movement of shadows to illustrate how they don’t need store hours. They’re open ANYTIME.


Digital - Social media campaigns

A Story In Six Posts

Scroll through their social media and get a little animation of the sun and moon crossing the sky. Just try to get outraged by that!

Video - TV advertising

The Sun Always Shines On TV

We set these ads to pleasing classical music. No one was offended.

Direct Mail - Postcard design

Going Solo

A solo card is pretty much a two-sided flyer. Loan Express likes to send these because they're pretty well targeted as well as just plain pretty.

A Scrolling Story of Shadows on Social Media