That’s Rich.


Our Challenge

Sempio is a massive Korean sauce company with products shipped to over 76 countries. They are the oldest branded company in Korea, popular throughout Asia, yet virtually unknown in North America.

We were tasked with making Sempio a household name in Canada starting with their line of BBQ sauces.

Barbeque sauce is a saturated market in Canada, with every brand playing to the macho-man /master of the grill.  So instead of going with the same-old-same-old weekend cowboy cookie-cutter copy, we went with something different: absolute absurdity. And it popped.

Outdoor - Transit advertising

The King is Hungry

On our placement outside of Skytrains we had him eating delicious burgers and chicken as the doors closed.

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Video - Digital video production

Burgers, fish or chicken... Sempio!

This motion graphic TV ad featured an original song and our opulent king espousing the virtues of a rich BBQ sauce. The Ads ran across Canada on the Food network and CTV. We quickly amassed thousands of hits on YouTube as well as scores of favourable comments.

Radio - Jingles

The Singing King On The Air

The song was so catchy (and descriptive) we opted to run it on radio as well - primarily  the Peak 102.7—which had everyone asking: “Where do I find this Sempio?”

Print - Magazine Advertising

Taste Is King

We ran full page ads in foodie magazines distributed at liquor stores along with recipes and pairings.

The insight

Sempio is rich: especially for a marinade. It is hearty, thick, robust and distinctive in flavour. The concept of rich extends beyond the palette. It is also a state of mind.

The immersion

When the client came from Korea to see me in Vancouver, he could not believe that men did the barbequing in Canada, as it is the opposite in Korea. Together, we drove around Vancouver and looked for backyard barbeques, where we watched from afar. To his amazement: all of the grilling that day was done by men in aprons (with suspicious glares).

Silver Award Winner • International Summit Awards