Strategic’s Strategic Rebranding

Strategic Natural Resource Consultants

Our Challenge

When Strategic Forestry Services Incorporated first came to us, they were a forestry company that was expanding into the oil & gas, mining and transportation industries. Without dropping the forestry component of their business, they wanted to smoothly transition into being a serious player in a bigger pool, and look the part.

Branding - Logo

The Look

We chose a vibrant orange colour palette to distinguish them from everyone else in the market. We designed a logo, business card template, as well as stationery, door signage, vehicle signage and a digital signature.

Digital - Website Design (frontend)

A Killer Website

We built a dynamic website to showcase our new capabilities. The black and white to colour effect is really cool. I also like how the home page slider expands and contracts. The navigation is straightforward and intuitive and the responsive mobile design maintains the distinctive style while simplifying and streamlining for mobile. Overall, it’s modern, sleek and professional.

Branding - Naming

What's In A Name?

We changed the name to Strategic Natural Resource Consultants. When doing a naming exercise, I like to look for potential names among a grid of arbitrary, invented, acronymic, personal, initials, surnames, descriptive and connotative words.

Branding - Positioning

Strategic Positioning

We conducted a strategic analysis of the company and dug into the roots of what they are, what they want to be, and how we can grow them into a new entity—new name, logo, and all. It was a collaborative process that stretched out over several weeks with input from the main partners.

Print - Magazine Advertising

Resourceful Right Out The Gate

We made a rough-and-tumble launch ad to showcase the grit and 'boots on the ground' resourcefulness that Strategic brings to every challenge.

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Video - Digital video production

The Electric Eye

They wanted to showcase their new kick-ass drone and all its state-of-the-art surveying features at trade shows and conventions. This video played on a loop and drew curious onlookers like moths to a brightly lit 4D plasma screen at night.

The plan

Over the course of six weeks we did a Strategic Positioning overhaul of the company. This involved several face-to-face meetings with the owners where we condensed our definition of the company and where it was going into a paragraph, and then a sentence, and finally a word. This exercise allowed us to get down to the brass tacks of Strategic’s identity and build a new brand and name moving forward.

The insight

There are regimented components to the Strategic structure and ethos that kept surfacing. The way the business is organized. The way crews are run. The crew philosophy. We articulated this dynamic in a new brand identity. Once we had the core of what Strategic represented, every piece of communications moving forward was infused with their brand identity.

The immersion

I flew to the office in Campbell River where I met many of the key staff firsthand. I wore plaid.