Post-apocalyptic Lawyers

Miller Titerle + Company

Our Challenge

When you’re formally recognized as one of Canada’s Top 10 Corporate Law Firms, it’s only prudent to announce that achievement in the manner that made you so successful in the first place: with an unconventional approach to a highly conventional industry. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone wild. Their consistently offbeat approach to advertising has shown to be a great way to attract young talented lawyers and staff that are looking for a work environment that is a bit more progressive and fun and a lot less stuffy.



Unprecedented times call for an unprecedented approach. In 2020, pandemic pandemonium was on everyone’s minds, so why not address the elephant in the room? What’s going to happen next? In regards to your legal team, here’s your answer: no matter what happens, this is the firm that will be with you to the very, very end.




Creative Photography

A Subtle, Double-Page Spread

Impossible to miss this on the inside front cover of Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

Digital - Social media campaigns

One Of These Banner Ads Is Not Like The Others

These rotating banner ads targeted other lawyers specifically on Canadian Lawyer's website.

Digital - Social media campaigns

Who Said Pirates Can't Be Social?

Miller Titerle called this campaign "Desert Pirates." After all, they are lawyers, and therefore a touch more familiar with the nuances of trademark law involving Road Warrior lawyers or Mad Max lawyers, as we call them. Over here, we're less worried about getting sued. After all, we work with great lawyers! So bring it on, George Miller! (Just kidding, GM, don't sue us, we love you.) Either way, they ran this on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and their blog.

Creative Photography

Taking Our Work Back Underground

The cavernous depths of Granville Station created just the right ambience for these side-by-side skytrain station posters with subtle, Instagram-style tags.

The plan

When your law firm has won an award, spread the word. Shout it from the rooftops of dilapidated gas stations in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Who wants to work at a law firm with a sense of humour and some edge? A lot of young talented lawyers apparently.

The insight

In these uncertain times, it's reassuring to know your law firm will be with you to the very, very end. MT go nuts whenever they win an award. The first time, we put them all the lawyers on horseback, calvary style, for their full-page acceptance ad. Rappelling down from helicopters was the next one. This time, the post-apocalypse. Lawyers at stuffy, conventional firms began to take notice. These campaigns were magnets for talent that wanted more than the unpromising rat race. They wanted to work somewhere where they could actually have a little fun and enjoy their life.

The immersion

I threw myself deep into the wardrobe and styling of this piece. Sporting goods make for decent weapons and armour. The leather's for the slide not the ride. Spikes and studs keep predators at bay. At the end of the day, it's not an aesthetic. It's pragmatic. These lawyers aren't in costume. This is what survival looks like. It takes a truly ferocious firm to be with you to the very, very end.

With you to the very, very end.