Retirement residence advertising

The Story of The Red Tomato

The client had a good offer: retirement apartments designed that provided meals, a loving community and your own personal garden. We honed in on the garden right away. 

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Vancouver Mining Website Design

Invest In Your Investors

Ximen Mining Corp. understood the value of having a professional website. Like a downtown office, a winning portfolio, or a well-tailored suit, a website speaks to the credibility, standards, and refinement of your business.

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Alpine Credits Giant YES

Find Out What YES Feels Like

Always hearing NO for a home equity loan can be a drag. So we made this giant, furry, Snufalufagus-style green YES so people could find out what YES feels like for a change. With Alpine Credits, if you own your home, you got your loan. That YES you hear, it feels good. This was an

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Sempio Advertising

That’s Rich.

Sempio is a massive Korean sauce company with products shipped to over 76 countries. They are the oldest branded company in Korea, popular throughout Asia, yet virtually unknown in North America. We were tasked with making Sempio a household name in Canada starting with their line of BBQ sauces. Barbeque sauce is a saturated market in

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Forestry Branding

Strategic’s Strategic Rebranding

When Strategic Forestry Services Incorporated first came to us, they were a forestry company that was expanding into the oil & gas, mining and transportation industries. Without dropping the forestry component of their business, they wanted to smoothly transition into being a serious player in a bigger pool, and look the part.

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Forestry Software Instructional Videos

Complicated Tech: Simply Explained

CruiseComp is the app to revolutionize the timber cruising industry. No more ribbons. No more pencils. No more messy cruise cards. A tablet and the CruiseComp software is all you need. The CruiseComp technology was created by another client of ours, Industrial Forestry Services, one of the largest forestry operations in Northern BC. There’s a

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Vancouver Print Advertising

Fish Safe

Fish Safe could not stress enough that they were NOT WorkSafe and they were NOT punitive.  Regardless, they facing obstacles when it came to the safe training of crew and safe assessment of vessels and practices when it came to some of the more suspicious sailors out there.  The campaign showcased the ways that Fish

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These Are The Lawyers In Your Neighbourhood

DBM wanted to show that they were established in the Tri-Cities, diversified in their areas of law, and community-oriented. They have been based on Austin Avenue in Coquitlam for over 40 years. So it was a natural fit to make their neighbourhood their brand.  We shot each lawyer on location. We chose different Tri-Cities landmarks

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DRB banner.- Lee kept the weight off

A Longitudinal Strategy in Weight Loss

Every fad diet spouts the same line: “Lose the weight and keep it off.” It’s one thing to show questionable before and after photos and another thing entirely to demonstrate that continued loss years later. As Jerry McGuire famously exclaimed: “Show me the long-term weight loss results! Although individual results may vary!” So we did

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