Lawyers On Horses

Miller Titerle asked us to do a group photo for Canadian Lawyer Magazine in recognition of them winning an award. In our usual fashion, we presented three ideas as rough sketches. They are a law firm. Law is one of the most conservative industries out there. So, I thought having them gather around a giant

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CCE Experience Transformation

Experience Transformation

There are dozens of schools advertising in Coquitlam and in the Lower Mainland all vying for the same students. Some of the direct competitors to CCE have massive media budgets. So how do we stand out and get heard?

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Veterans Advertising In Canada

Homeless Veterans In Canada

Photographer Peter Holst heard about the thousands of homeless veterans in Canada on the radio and decided to do something about it. He asked if I could help him raise awareness for this cause via art direction and copywriting. Location scouting is a passion of mine, and this pro bono assignment had me exploring some

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Helen Accountant 50 years CCE

Fifty Groovy Years and Counting

To celebrate fifty years of adult education, Coquitlam Continuing Education  launched a happening follow-up to its successful Experience Transformation campaign from 2017— however this time in a funky theme reflective of the era.   In the early seventies, Vancouver was seeing the last of its milk men, roller skates were all the rage, and no one

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Post-apocalyptic Lawyers

When you’re formally recognized as one of Canada’s Top 10 Corporate Law Firms, it’s only prudent to announce that achievement in the manner that made you so successful in the first place: with an unconventional approach to a highly conventional industry. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone wild. Their consistently offbeat approach to advertising

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RCABC top banner mom tattoo

Coronavirus & The Trades

The COVID-19 virus took the world by storm in 2020. There was a real risk of construction and the trades being shut down completely by a Public Health Order. The onus fell on the trades themselves to remain vigilant to pandemic protocol in order to keep sites open. This campaign was directed to all of

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Last Minute Gift Idea… Cash!

We were going for memorable—plain and simple. Loan Express is entirely online, so we are competing for fast, top-of-mind-recollection when it comes to fast, short-term loans. The idea of giving cash as a present is inherently silly, so it’s a fun, positive and colourful way to catch the audience’s attention and make Loan Express quickest

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Sportfishing Advertising in BC

An Open Ocean Immersion

None of the fish you see here are props. They’re the real deal. Thirty pounders, tyees and even a 60+ lb monster. That’s Haida Gwaii. If you want to go to the best place in the world to catch salmon, you come here. You’ll have your choice of several charters and resorts catering to large

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Outdoor advertising in Vancouver

It’s Your Turn To Shine

Vancouver is known to be a cold and lonely city. We wanted to show how it is still possible to find your connection in the rain—in a romantic moment sparked by a shared sense of style. This is a love story in Vancouver, told over three outdoor ads for the city’s famous: The Umbrella Shop.

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Print Advertising in Vancouver

Cold? Call CampbellCare

No one likes to be cold. It’s the pits. When your heater goes out at the first snap of October, everything else takes a backseat. Plumbing and heating are crisis calls. You’re either going to call your brother’s neighbour’s friend, the last ad you saw, or the last ad you remember. There’s a lot of

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