Multiple Sclerosis Turns Your Body Against Itself

MS Society - BC and Yukon Division

Our Challenge

With MS, you can wake up one day unable to move your arms or legs. Or you could be blind. It strikes without notice and it can happen to anyone at any time.

The MS Society of Yukon and BC wanted to bring attention to this cause. And illustrate how it affects those with the disease.

This ad was shot almost entirely in-camera, with very little photoshop.

Print - Magazine Advertising

Epic Print Advertising

This ran as a massive spread in the MS newsletter and in some local Vancouver newspapers and magazines.

Outdoor - Transit advertising

In and On Buses In BC

It ran as bus and Skytrain interiors, as well as Seventies on several buses throughout the Lower Mainland and BC

The plan

We shot this ad on location in Langley. It was a wickedly stormy day and we were deep in the mud. Most of what you see here was in-camera by design. This ad won at Applied Arts and at the International Summit Awards (2013).

This ad won at the Applied Arts Awards in 2013