Lawyers On Horses

Miller + Titerle

Our Challenge

Miller Titerle asked us to do a group photo for Canadian Lawyer Magazine in recognition of them winning an award. In our usual fashion, we presented three ideas as rough sketches. They are a law firm. Law is one of the most conservative industries out there. So, I thought having them gather around a giant + sign—like the one in their logo—was pretty safe. We’d hire a prop builder, bring it out to a field, have some sit on the top, some lean against the side. Simple.

They wanted something a bit edgier.

“What else have you got?”

“Well we did have this idea about shooting the whole firm on horseback.”

They loved it. I couldn’t believe it. Now how was I ever going to make this happen?

We shot on actual horseback at Virtue Studios under the careful guidance of the skilled horse wrangler Danny Virtue, and then dropped into a plate which was shot in Vancouver’s Gastown district, where their office was located. Thankfully, no lawyers were harmed in the making of this ad.

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Print - Magazine Advertising

Calling All Canadian Lawyers

This was a full-page ad in Canadian Lawyer magazine. The readership is, as you might guess, only lawyers in Canada. It grew beyond being just a fun way to celebrate winning award, to a full-blown recruitment tool. Miller Titerle's progressive approach to law and lifestyle was a magnet for young, talented lawyers sick of the rat race out east.

This Ad won Gold at the 2017 Summit International Awards