Lawyers At Sea

David Doig & Associates

Our Challenge

The complexities and chaos of the law can be overwhelming. Doig + Associates offer a way to navigate the chaos. Dave has always been a captain and guide. His boat, the Midnight Sun, is an extension of his own nature to provide safe and reliable passage through uncertain waters. 

To know Dave is to know the Midnight Sun. In a way, it’s his office. A sanctuary to think, away from the everyday din and distractions of modern life. His years of experience, wisdom and strategic thinking distill themselves into a clear course of action and insight from these moments of still and perspective.

This unique approach is what makes Doig + Company stand out among its peers, and it is one of the reasons it has been so successful for so long.


Creative Photography

Strategic Positioning & Photography

With modern, sophisticated branding and extraordinary photography, we helped to represent Doig + Associates as credible, professional and modern lawyers in their area of law.

Digital - Website Design (frontend)

The Website. The First Impression.

Conscientious branding provides credibility. When Dave or Ty meet the family of those who have been in a serious accident, they need reassurance, in every way and that begins with a professional website.

Direct Mail - Catalogue design

A Proper Pamphlet

We also designed a professional-looking, informative brochure as a leave-behind.

Navigating the chaos of law