Last Minute Gift Idea… Cash!

Loan Express

Our Challenge

We were going for memorable—plain and simple. Loan Express is entirely online, so we are competing for fast, top-of-mind-recollection when it comes to fast, short-term loans. The idea of giving cash as a present is inherently silly, so it’s a fun, positive and colourful way to catch the audience’s attention and make Loan Express quickest to mind when you think fast money.

Digital - Social media campaigns

Online Ads For An Online Lender

The print and television ads were boosted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube throughout British Columbia.

Outdoor - Transit advertising

Jaw-Dropping Transit Shelters

We did billboards as well.

Outdoor - Street poster advertising

Word on the Street

We ran the ads on street posters next to their large competitors: Money Mart, Cash Money, etc. Seeing an attention-catching ad for another online lender right across the street drew an already-interested market.

Outdoor - Transit advertising

Liven Up A Dreary Commute

This campaign ran on the interiors of buses and Skytrains in Vancouver. The story-telling approach to the creative gives riders a chance to elaborate on the story during their journey. There’s a lot to unpack here!

The insight

Cash is the greatest gift of all. Anyone who is in need of cash, wants cash more than any other present you could give them.

The plan

We did a series of seasonal campaigns to show the various gifting challenges of each: Christmas, Graduation in spring, Anniversaries in the fall (why not?) and around Mother’s Day in the spring. We shot TV and print with a fun cast of characters and went for big, bright colours and a high impact font.

The immersion

The Results: The campaign gave Loan Express enough material to use for over five years and counting.

The Greatest Gift? Cash.