Laser Eyes to Dollar Signs

Patricia Houlihan

Our Challenge

How do you stand out in a city full to the brim of realtors? Ya zap em!

Sure it’s bananas, but it worked. From just one transit shelter, this campaign went viral. It was picked up by CBC, Buzzfeed, The CHIVE, Reddit, Mashable, and AdWeek. In fact, Adweek declared it their Ad of the Week—worldwide. Later, this ad was selected as one of the Best Outdoor Ads of 2016.


Zap! Wow! Pow!

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

The Transit Shelter Where It All Began

From this one transit shelter, the ad was posted on Reddit, where it shot to the first page instantly. The rest, is history.

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Featured In AdWeek

They wrote an article about our laser-eyed phenom, and featured it as their Ad of the Week. Later, this ad was selected as one of Best Outdoor Ads of 2016

The most famous realtor ad in the world?