It’s Your Turn To Shine

The Umbrella Shop

Our Challenge

Vancouver is known to be a cold and lonely city.

We wanted to show how it is still possible to find your connection in the rain—in a romantic moment sparked by a shared sense of style.

This is a love story in Vancouver, told over three outdoor ads for the city’s famous: The Umbrella Shop.

The campaign won Gold at the Summit International Awards in 2016. The beautiful photography was taken by Matthew Chen, the whimsical retouching was the masterwork of none other than Steven Pinter, and the words by Flora Chen. Apparently romance was in the air, as Matthew and Flora wed shortly after this shoot.



Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Your Sign In The Rain

This campaign was designed to run as print and outdoor on billboards next to the Pender location.

This Campaign Won Gold at the Summit International Awards in 2016