Magic Items From Faraway Lands


Our Challenge

Objects can be more than an assembly of sticks and nails and glue. They can be one-of-a-kind, authentic treasures. They can have stories. Objects can be artifacts. Vessels for the soul that their creators breathed in. Magic items from Indonesia are more than just exotic. They are portals to another world.

Outdoor - Transit advertising

Trans-dimensional Transit

We wanted to showcase the main products that you can trade with Indonesia: cocoa, coffee, furniture, carvings.

Outdoor - Transit advertising

Compelling Bus Backs

You’re stuck it traffic, so you have time to ponder, and dream of escape.

The Big Reveal

This campaign was a two-parter. We piqued curiosity and delivered the matter-of-fact answer a few weeks later. We measured this campaign with on-the-street interviews before, during and after the campaign to show a significant spike in interest in Indonesian goods. Full Page, Loud & Clear

Coffee Ads in Hand

Our market was businesspeople who travelled and traded internationally. BC Business speaks to their lifestyle directly.

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