Imagine A World Without Paramedics

Ambulance Paramedics Of BC

Our Challenge

Our objective was to increase public awareness and support for the Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia, and ultimately CUPE and public health unions in general. We were able to effectively double the media budget for this client through a partnership with Emergency Dispatchers of BC – CUPE 911.

The Results

Here are the results of our World Without Paramedics campaign after just eight weeks.

Social Media & Google views 11,886,492
YouTube video views 154,568
Website views 69,970
Website visitors 37,983
Social Media clicks / likes / retweets 140,285

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Moving Billboards

The campaign was featured on Translink buses as well as hundreds of interior cards on Skytrains and buses throughout the area. The ads were also on Skytrain and platform posters in high traffic stations such as Broadway, Granville and Metrotown.

Digital - Social media campaigns

Approximately 12 million views in 8 weeks

These intense 30 second TV ads were boosted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pre-roll. They were impossible to miss.

Print - Newspaper Advertising

Full Newspaper Wrap

This was an intense, wrap around the outside of the METRO. Inside, there was a one-page advertorial. We had actors dress as paramedics and hand out the newspapers to passersby at the Skytrain stations.

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Billboards In BC

The campaign ran throughout the Lower Mainland on dozens of transit shelters and vertical billboards. We had boards at some of the busiest intersections in BC, such as Cambie and Broadway and Patulla Bridge. We also had billboards in Victoria and Kelowna.

Video - TV advertising

Shock & Awe On Your Television Screen

We reached a province-wide audience through TV. We focused on hockey games and News with a combination of well-placed paid media and pro-bono placement. The TV ads definitely shocked an unsuspecting audience. They got attention (and complaints to the stations) but this is what we were going for: shock and awe, and it worked. After the ads ran, the campaign was featured on Global News, The Victoria Times, and other local papers and blogs. We went with a split-screen effect, showing a world with paramedics on the left, and a world without on the right.

Radio - Production

Dispatching Radio

The radio ads put an emphasis on dispatch. We showed the difference between how a real emergency would be handled by professional dispatcher, and the hysteria that results without that training, expertise and level-headedness.

APBC Radio Bob 2015

The plan

The client wanted a hard-hitting campaign that would catch the attention of the public. The plan was to give a small taste of the horrors that paramedics are subjected to on a daily basis. We went for an integrated blitz approach across multiple mediums including print, TV, radio, online, social media, cinema advertising, transit, billboards, public relations.

The insight

When you take something for granted, sometimes the only way you notice the importance it holds, is in its absence.

The immersion

Recording the B-Roll footage we got to drive around in an ambulance with two senior paramedics. We heard a lot of their true, shocking stories that made our ads sound like fairy tales.

This multi-media campaign won Gold at the International Summit Awards (2015)