Complicated Tech: Simply Explained

IFS Cruise Comp

Our Challenge

CruiseComp is the app to revolutionize the timber cruising industry. No more ribbons. No more pencils. No more messy cruise cards. A tablet and the CruiseComp software is all you need.

The CruiseComp technology was created by another client of ours, Industrial Forestry Services, one of the largest forestry operations in Northern BC.

There’s a lot to say about CruiseComp. Who can use it? What does it do? When? Where? Why? How does it work?

Digital - Website Design (frontend)

A Website That Means Business

We created a modern and professional website, with a clean layout and user-friendly design. In an industry where it's not uncommon to see Geocities Dinosaurs still roaming free, this sophistication was a refreshing change.

Direct Mail - Brochure design

A Two-Fold Owner's Manual

There's a lot to know about CruiseComp, so we tried to sum it up with the old journalistic technique of the 5Ws: Tell the story with Who, What, When, Where and Why. Also How, let's not forget about How.

Video - Digital video production

Videos Speak Volumes

We made five instructional videos to demistify everything about this new technology for an old-school demographic. Who is it for? What is it? When do you use it? Where? How does it work?

The plan

We thought it best to succinctly summarize all of this information in the form of a website, trade show kit, brochure and five instructional videos. We built the CruiseComp brand, and all of the social media and sales channels they would need to get it out to their target in the forestry industry: other timber cruisers and operations.

The insight

Forestry is an industry that can be slow to embrace change. If we were going to introduce a completely new technology, we had to keep it simple: Here's how it works, why you need it, and where to find it.

The immersion

IFS offered to take me out with a crew amongst the flies. Thankfully, it never transpired!

Timber Cruising Simplified