Fish Safe

Fish Safe

Our Challenge

Fish Safe could not stress enough that they were NOT WorkSafe and they were NOT punitive. 

Regardless, they facing obstacles when it came to the safe training of crew and safe assessment of vessels and practices when it came to some of the more suspicious sailors out there. 

The campaign showcased the ways that Fish Safe are not a suit and tie operation giving out orders from behind desks, but are rather fishermen helping fishermen.

We adopted a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to getting captains onboard with the program—even if it meant just coming for the free swag, such as inflatable vests and flares.

For this campaign, I recruited one of my heroes in the industry, Suzanne Pope, to help with the concepts and copywriting.

Suzanne has the Ad Teachings website, and is also an active columnist for Applied Arts. She literally wrote the book on how to break in as a copywriter and she was (and is) an enormous influence on me.  

From One Captain To Another