Find Out What YES Feels Like

Alpine Credits

Our Challenge

Always hearing NO for a home equity loan can be a drag.

So we made this giant, furry, Snufalufagus-style green YES so people could find out what YES feels like for a change.

With Alpine Credits, if you own your home, you got your loan.

That YES you hear, it feels good.

This was an integrated campaign that ran on TV, radio, print, online and as an outdoor guerilla stunt as well.

Outdoor - Guerrilla advertising

This Is What YES feels like

We had a prop builder make us a giant, fuzzy, green YES. And yes, the words Snuffalufagus Fur were bandied about.

Radio - Production

This YES it feels good

YES feels good to say as well. We set these radio ads to exuberant classical numbers with ecstatic barbers and sergeants.


We didn't have a lot of budget for these TV spots, but if you look beyond the production, there's a solid idea here.

The plan

Conceptual Integration. This is what sets us apart from any old design shop. We like to come up with a big idea, and pull that concept through every piece of media that is produced. For Alpine Credits we had two themes. In 2010 we had the Doorway to Financial Freedom. This campaign worked so well that they had their best year in 17 years! In 2011 we introduced the concept of Find Out What YES Feels Like.

The insight

Hearing NO feels bad. Hearing YES... well, it feels good. If you have bruised credit, you might not hear YES very often. That's where Alpine Credits comes in.

The immersion

I worked for a few days in their Delta office to get a feel for the culture. I sat in on some meetings with clients and observed the process.

If You're Tired Of Hearing No For A Home Equity Loan