Fifty Groovy Years and Counting

Coquitlam Continuing Education

Our Challenge

To celebrate fifty years of adult education, Coquitlam Continuing Education  launched a happening follow-up to its successful Experience Transformation campaign from 2017— however this time in a funky theme reflective of the era.


In the early seventies, Vancouver was seeing the last of its milk men, roller skates were all the rage, and no one batted an eye at all-avocado (everything) all-the-time. Keeping in that groove, we built skytrain station posters, transit shelters, a website, postcards, tent cards, and social media to match the theme.

We even designed the course catalogue like a magazine right out of 1971. Check it out.


Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Tri-Cities Time Capsules

This campaign is currently running on transit shelters, Skytrain stations, and buses all over Coquitlam.

Digital - Website Design (frontend)

Computers Too. Far Out.

Even the website landing page was groovy.

Print - Magazine Advertising

A Magazine From 1971

We designed the course catalogue to fit the times, as a glossy and colourful magazine from fifty years ago.

Print - Newspaper Advertising

Print In Many Forms

Our transforming characters from the seventies appeared on tent cards and in the Tri-City News as well.

That's What You Call Transformation City.