Experience Transformation

Coquitlam Continuing Education

Our Challenge

There are dozens of schools advertising in Coquitlam and in the Lower Mainland all vying for the same students. Some of the direct competitors to CCE have massive media budgets. So how do we stand out and get heard?

Outdoor - Transit advertising

Blanketing The Tri-Cities

We ran this campaign everywhere that was anywhere in the Tri-Cities: transit shelters, billboards, the sides and backs of buses as well as Skytrain station posters.

Direct Mail - Flyer design

Everyone Loves Magazines

Course catalogues can be so boring! But magazines… now that’s different. With that spirit in mind, we remade the entire catalogue in a fresh, fun and colourful way. There was everything you’d find in popular magazines: Dos and Don’ts, Quizzes, Fast Facts and even ads. We delivered the catalogue to thousands of households the Tri-Cities area.

Digital - Website Design (frontend)

Website Redesign

We integrated the website with the rest of the campaign with a slick new design.

Branding - Branding Kits

Modernizing the Logo and Look

We gave CCE a completely new and fresh look including a new logo, website, and overall brand design including massive posters, in-house TV screens, gym banners, door signage, business cards, collateral, and more.

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

Lenticular Fancy

When you walk past these cool lenticular Skytrain posters, you see transformation happen right before your eyes.

The plan

To stand out from the clutter and wallpaper of regular Skytrain posters, where all the major schools advertise, we went with lenticular posters that literally transform as you move by them.

The insight

At CCE, you are getting the skills you need to transform your life completely. We wanted to show the metamorphosis step-by-step.

The transformation continues