Dream A Little Dream Of Mattress Store Branding

Mattress Choice

Our Challenge

All mattresses look more or less the same. All mattress stores are pretty much the same as well. How do you stand out in this sea of mediocrity?

Creative Photography

Dramatic Print Advertising

These colourful ads ran in the Georgia Straight, the Westender, the Vancouver Sun and Province as well as the Victoria Colonist.

Creative Photography

Dreamy In-Store Signage

These beautiful ads are all over the showroom, blown up on the walls and in the windows.

Radio - Production

We Hear You Need Better Dreams

These surreal ads ran on radio stations in Victoria.

Mattress Choice - You Need Better Dreams

Digital - SEO

Top Of The Internets

We targeted the search words: Mattress Vancouver and Vancouver Mattress Store and had the #1 spots for both on Google. We did this for their Victoria store as well.

Branding - Logo

Whimsical Branding

We designed their logo, business cards, stationery, collateral and in-store signage with the 'Better Dream' positioning in mind.

Branding - Positioning

Strategy and Position

No mattress store has ever run on the premise of 'better sleep, better dreams.' We arrived at this unique positioning after weeks of collaborating with the owners and staff in several Strategic Positioning sessions.

Direct Mail - Brochure design

Leave Them Wanting More

A mattress can be a big purchase. Do they want to sleep on it? Of course they do. A beautiful brochure is not easy to throw away. It keeps the sale alive.

The plan

We commissioned up-and-coming photography phenom and Flickr sensation Aaron Nace to help us create some beautiful and whimsical artwork that captured the magic of dreams and the nature of the seasonal sales. The artwork was featured in the print ads, and in the in-store signage and window banners. It didn’t take long to see that Mattress Choice was not just like any other mattress store.

The insight

Mattress brands differentiate themselves based on deeper sleep (Sealy and the sheep), a more restful sleep with a partner (Beautyrest and the bowling ball), and more efficient sleep (Serta and the idea of get a Better 6 hours). No mattress brand or store had ever made its unique position revolve around the benefit of Better Dreams. This opens up a world of vivid branding potential to stand out from the rest.

The immersion

I spent three months literally right there in the mattress store while I made this campaign. I talked to the owners, the customers and the staff. I got to understand the sales process and elements of the culture and the language they use. By being there firsthand, I learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to mattress sales. I'm not a mattress salesman,. My expertise is in drawing attention to the message. However, you need to understand the nature and culture of mattress sales from an owner’s perspective with decades of experience to know what that message should be.

Better Dreams Is The Ultimate Benefit