Coronavirus & The Trades

Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia

Our Challenge

The COVID-19 virus took the world by storm in 2020. There was a real risk of construction and the trades being shut down completely by a Public Health Order.

The onus fell on the trades themselves to remain vigilant to pandemic protocol in order to keep sites open.

This campaign was directed to all of the tradespeople in BC.

The messaging from the Ministry of Health was a bit of a moving target. Therefore, we had to create a campaign that would as effective in Phase One as it would in Phase Three.

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Will This Pandemic Ever End?

To address vaccine hesitancy in 2021, the roofers launched a campaign that addressed twenty-something roofers with a high risk tolerance, but a soft spot for the one who made them. This ad won bronze at the Summits in 2021.

Outdoor - Guerrilla advertising

Jobsite Posters

These reminders of pandemic protocol helped to keep job sites open.

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Social Media For The Screen Generations

To reach a 18-45 demographic, we ran a second campaign that focused on 'doubling down on our efforts' shortly after on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The plan

These worksite posters urged those in the trades to be vigilant, so their job sites could remain open.

The insight

All trades had to be in this together in order to keep everyone working.

Keeping BC Job Sites Open During A Global Pandemic