Cold? Call CampbellCare

CampbellCare Plumbing, Heating and Air

Our Challenge

No one likes to be cold. It’s the pits.

When your heater goes out at the first snap of October, everything else takes a backseat.

Plumbing and heating are crisis calls. You’re either going to call your brother’s neighbour’s friend, the last ad you saw, or the last ad you remember.

There’s a lot of competition out there spending wasteful amounts of dough. So we had to boil it down to basics. When it comes to your furnace, CampbellCare only wanted to own one word: Cold.

If you’re up against a juggernaut buying media by the station, you can win the war of attrition by being simpler, smarter, and straight to the point: Cold? Call CampbellCare.


Stopping Them Cold

We ran our freezing heroes on the backs of buses throughout Vancouver and Delta on supertails as well as interiors in Skytrains and buses.

What’s Not To Like?

We grew their social media followers, and cultivated the comments and content. We quickly reached the top spots for the keywords we were after.

Full Page Ahead

We ran full-page print ads in the Vancouver Courier and the Blackpress papers in the Lower Mainland.

That Old, Familiar Sound

Hinterland Who’s Who provided us with the inspiration for the radio spots about furnaces not working and the people to call. We kept hammering that one message and owned that one word: Cold? Call CampbellCare.

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Who Doesn’t Love A Good Movie Trailer on TV?

The only TV I buy is sports and news, because people like to watch that live and no one is going to PVR through a commercial you spent so much time and money on. This motion graphic ad was in the style of a blockbuster horror movie trailer, complete with the bone-chilling announcer. 2013 was the year of the cold snap El Nina, and we played on that with a humourous twist.

The immersion

I worked for a week or so in the office at a desk right next to the owners, Jane and Scott. As I got to know them, and their style and their humour, and their business sense, I was able to customize the creative to build on what they know best: how to run this successful business.

The insight

When winter comes to Vancouver, it comes suddenly. It’s the first time you turn on your heat that you notice something that you have neglected all year: Your furnace. No one wants to freeze indoors. So that was the one word we focused and that we could own in the furnace-sphere: Cold.

The plan

We needed to make our ads memorable. They had to tell stories. And the message had to be simple and clear. We ran with the concept of Cold, and we brought in rising star photographer Rosie Hardy to help us create a surreal print series that we could use as the key visual to the campaign, from outdoor to digital. We integrated the Cold concept across radio and TV with a very simple, sticky and alliterative message Cold, call CampbellCare.

Top of Mind for when the temperature changes.