An Open Ocean Immersion

Escott Sportfishing

Our Challenge

None of the fish you see here are props.

They’re the real deal. Thirty pounders, tyees and even a 60+ lb monster. That’s Haida Gwaii.

If you want to go to the best place in the world to catch salmon, you come here. You’ll have your choice of several charters and resorts catering to large functions with your feet on dry land. That’s not what Escott’s all about.

At Escott Sportfishing, the experience is authentic. It’s all about the fishing. Once you get on the water you’ll see how it can be life-changing experience.

Danny Escott is one of the most seasoned captains in Haida Gwaii. He does things differently. He wanted us to capture the spirit of his operations, his lodge, and himself.

So we jumped on a plane to Masset.

Digital - Website Design (frontend)

A Custom Website For A Distinctive Customer

We wanted the design to be exciting, personable, straightforward, and dynamic. All the qualities we found in the owner, Danny Escott.

Creative Photography

High-End Lifestyle Photography

While on our Immersion we took photos of everything we thought would look cool on the website, in flyers, ads, brochures, booklets and trade show kits down the road. We got a ton of great content that you'll never see anywhere else.

Digital - Content creation kits

Elevator Action

Charters run on businessmen in office towers with distant sea views and sailboat paintings. We dropped our shiny lures in the elevators they take on their way to feed.

Branding - Logo

Keeping It Tight

We touched up their logo and branding, including new business cards, outdoor signage, trade show kits and more.

Direct Mail - Brochure design

Booklet Design For Clients With Time

When you have an interesting story to tell: there's no need to rush. A booklet is the closest thing you'll come to a fireside chat.

The plan

We would do an Immersion Experience to find out Escott's' unique angle in market. The aim was to discover what made Danny Escott's operation distinct from his bigger, more impersonal, competitors.

The immersion

Dr. Seann and I spent four days up at Escott Lodge. We took in the full guest experience, stayed at the lodging, ate the gourmet food, and even brought in a few 20+ pound salmon. Not a bad way to make a living! We also learned the intricacies of a fishing expedition in Haida Gwaii. It's something you can't possibly articulate in meetings in Vancouver. You need to experience it firsthand to truly get it.

Caught Any Monsters Lately?