Alpine Credits’ New Beginnings

Alpine Credits

Our Challenge

Alpine Credits had been using the same branding it had since 1969 when they came to us in 2009. We gave them a complete integrated rebrand, including a logo, TV ads, radio ads, direct mail, brochures, collateral and print.

The result: 2010 was their best year in 17 years. They still use elements of our branding (such as the logo and colour palette) to this day.

Branding - Positioning

Strategic Approach

We worked with the concept of how your home was a doorway to financial stability. We used the doorway theme to show how home equity loans could consolidate debts, open up business ventures or be used to re-invest in your home through business renovations. We kept this consistent integrated element in all of their communications.

Alpine Credits - Stop That Jingle

Branding - Logo

A Fresh New Look

The clean white and green logo that you see today was from the rebranding we did in 2010. We gave Alpine Credits a complete branding refresh including a new logo, stationery, business cards, TV ads, radio ads, social media kits, website—the whole shebang. They had the best year in 17 years when we were done.

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Video - TV advertising

With Television Comes Credibility

We ran on multiple channels in BC and Alberta and even on KVOS in Seattle, as the spots are pretty cheap, and their signal is received here.

Direct Mail - Brochure design

Abundant Brochures

We sent out thousands and thousands and thousands of brochures to every homeowner in BC that we could find.

Outdoor - Guerrilla advertising

Guerilla Advertising

If you're tired of hearing NO for a home equity loan, find out what YES feel like.

Radio - Production

Ribbing Redundant Radio

“Making your home equity work for you” is one of the most iconic jingles in BC and Alberta. Everyone knows it, but it would be safe to say that few love it. We had some fun with this by getting the VO actors themselves to beg for it to stop. This creative approach worked like magic. When the ad played, the phone rang. It drove people nuts after a while, but it was a definite money maker.

Alpine Credits - Stop That Jingle

The immersion

Mike spent two weeks getting to know our company, our clients and the way we work. He then created a fully integrated advertising program across all of our mediums (web, TV, Radio, Direct Mail). Mike’s creativity, passion and drive for perfection have helped our organization move into the next phase of our brand existence. I would recommend Immersion Creative to any company looking for a fresh approach to their advertising campaign.” — KURT WIPP, ALPINE CREDITS

The insight

Money can be daunting. We wanted Alpine Credits to be seen as the most approachable lender.

They had their best year in 17 years