A Roof Your Roofer’s Proud Of

Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia

Our Challenge

RCABC comprises a limited membership of established roofing contractors that set the bar for craftsmanship, training, accountability and standards within the industry. Only Roofing Contractors of British Columbia offers the RoofStar Guarantee.

They needed to get the word out that they were not like other roofing companies. They are held to a higher set of standards which hold them accountable.

Outdoor - Billboard advertising

The Biggest Billboards in BC

We ran the campaign on massive (20 x 40’) billboards in Prince George, Kelowna and Victoria.

Radio - Production

Roofers Like Radio

We ran the ads on JRfm so that they would be heard on rooftops all over the Lower Mainland by roofers at work. A big part of RCABC is also attracting the right talent.


Digital - Social media campaigns

Red Seals: The Next Generation

We also wanted to establish RCABC's brand with young roofers just entering the workforce. To coincide with the conventions, we also ran a Facebook and Instagram campaign featuring motion graphic videos and stills from the rest of the campaign.

Branding - Branding Kits

Pitch Perfect

This series was designed to customize pitch documents and reports. We would include a rendering of the building an RCABC member roofer was bidding on under the RoofStar 'shield.' This design won Bronze at the 2019 Summit International Awards.

The plan

We wanted a far-reaching medium, so we opted for radio on stations most likely to be listened to from a scuffed, yellow DEWALT stereo on a job site in Langley: namely JRfm. We also ran the print ads as massive billboards in Prince George, Kelowna and Victoria to coincide with the roofing conventions there.

The insight

RCABC stands out from its less-established competitors by harking back to the original, guaranteed assurance of quality: pride in one’s work.

The immersion

Our roof had a major leak as I was writing these ads. We were exposed firsthand to the elements, security risks and a relentless parade of strangers in our space for over a month.

Reinforcing the Integrity of a 60-year-old designation