The Watch That Transforms You

Shearwater wanted to introduce an advanced dive computer to the recreational dive market where they saw a demand. Our first ad featured mermaids. The idea of legendary diving was a hit, so we kept on the legendary diving theme and introduced a few new creatures, including Poseidon, sprites, and sea nymphs. The mythological angle made

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More Paramedics

As a follow-up to the intense, award-winning World Without Paramedics campaign in 2015, Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia launched More Paramedics in 2017. It was a huge event, with print, radio, TV, online, PR, ambient, social media and dynamic billboards. Paramedics deal with the brutal realities of life, yet they are dangerously short-staffed. To communicate this

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Recruiter Advertising in Vancouver

When High Concept And High Fashion Intersect

 The retail and hospitality industries have a difficult task when it comes to finding the right staff. There are so many applicants out there, it is hard to find the right fit. JRoss Recruiters has an extensive database of talented individuals to choose from and has been cultivating relationships with high end retailers such as

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A Roof Your Roofer’s Proud Of

RCABC comprises a limited membership of established roofing contractors that set the bar for craftsmanship, training, accountability and standards within the industry. Only Roofing Contractors of British Columbia offers the RoofStar Guarantee. They needed to get the word out that they were not like other roofing companies. They are held to a higher set of

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Girl sitting in the woods with a band playing around her

Celebrate Everyday Victories

We were asked to create a communications campaign to promote BounceBack®, a CBT-based program for youth and young adults aged 15-24 throughout British Columbia. The BounceBack® program is an evidence-based initiative designed to help youth and adults experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate depression, low mood, stress or anxiety. The aim was to promote and

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Lawyers On Horses

Miller Titerle asked us to do a group photo for Canadian Lawyer Magazine in recognition of them winning an award. In our usual fashion, we presented three ideas as rough sketches. They are a law firm. Law is one of the most conservative industries out there. So, I thought having them gather around a giant

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CCE Experience Transformation

Experience Transformation

There are dozens of schools advertising in Coquitlam and in the Lower Mainland all vying for the same students. Some of the direct competitors to CCE have massive media budgets. So how do we stand out and get heard?

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Pollock top inkblot banner

Always On Your Mind

We live in a society that celebrates violence but gets squeamish at anything sexual. In an ideal world, we could discuss medical issues openly and without shame. It’s natural, after all, and surprisingly common, with 50% of men in their forties affected.  The challenge became, how do we initiate the conversation, tastefully, in polite society

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Veterans Advertising In Canada

Homeless Veterans In Canada

Photographer Peter Holst heard about the thousands of homeless veterans in Canada on the radio and decided to do something about it. He asked if I could help him raise awareness for this cause via art direction and copywriting. Location scouting is a passion of mine, and this pro bono assignment had me exploring some

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Scuba diving dive computer advertising top banner

Undisputed Champions Of Luminosity

Scuba diving is an adventure. We wanted to tap into the feeling that you get while exploring new worlds: Where you don’t feel human. You feel… like a champion. The campaign highlights Peregrine as the undisputed leader of luminosity in an array of vivid colours. This was the third instalment of our legendary diving series.

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