Our SEO Process

This Is How We SEO

About 17 years ago I figured out how to optimize keywords to the top of search engines and I utilized this to great effect. I got a job as a copywriter in Hong Kong by optimizing the names of the creative directors I met and linking them back to my blog. 

When I first started Immersion, I did the same thing to optimize my company website so that I’d have the top spots for Vancouver advertisingVancouver advertising agencyVancouver marketing company, etc. My first clients, that’s all they wanted.

“Hey, Mike, you got Immersion to the #1 spot for Vancouver advertising. Can you do the same thing for my business, but with these keywords?”

Sure enough, I did. 

For the first six years or so of Immersion, all of my clients found me through my SEO. To get clients organically to the top of Google, I have kits. It takes a while to get results. Everyone and their uncle thinks they know how to optimize now. All I know if I’ve had my string of successes, for hard search words too.

Either way, here’s how we do it.

FIRST: You Pick Your Keywords 

These are whatever you want to move to the top of Google for your search.

One of the first things we’ll ask you when doing website design is what are your keywords? We build the whole site around them, properly, so it’s important.

TWO: We Optimize Your Website Internally 

Despite what Wix and all these off-the-shelf themes will have you believe, there’s a lot more to SEO than just filling out the SEO section of a DIY website, or tags. We get down into the weeds and rewrite everything from page architecture to captions and copy to make it work with the right keyword weight and frequency. We do the proper linking. Basically, we just do it right.

If you want a copy edit and internal SEO overview of your website, that’s where we start. If we are building your site from scratch, we just do it right the first time from the beginning.

THREE: Pick Your Kit 

Internal optimization is for best practices only. Basically we will take your as far as you can go, and you will be prepped as well as any professional with expert help can be without the necessary ongoing maintenance to keep you on top.

With Kit One we’ll take one keyword to the top at a time. My favourite way to do this is by writing blog posts. Blog posts are great content and they provide many benefits beyond just SEO.

We have our professional writers to write these for you. They are all local, highly-educated Vancouverites. We don’t farm out content overseas. It’s quality content over volume that works

There are two ways to do weekly blogs for content.

We can either give you a list of topics in advance that you can sign off on and edit, OR you can provide the content and we edit and fine-tune it for SEO best practices and post. Just as a heads up, everyone who was ever opted to write their own blogs has ultimately let it fall by the wayside and it just never seems to get done.

You’re better off having it written by a pro. You wouldn’t believe his much time you can waste procrastinating before just getting down to write if you’re not in the habit of writing every day. You have a business to run. Focus your attention on that and leave the blinking cursor to us. The other things we do is manage your social media channels. We put these articles up on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

We can also build lists and put you on them (I was doing this way back in 2009). Now everyone with a keyboard is doing the same thing. My gut tells me that all these directory sites are going to get de-listed soon though.

So what’s the next big SEO bandwagon everyone is going to jump on? Well, you can either follow the followers to find out—or get back into the lab with me.