Our Approach To Theme Websites

Sometimes you don’t want a fancy website. Sometimes you just need something quick and dirty for the time being, so you can focus on other things.

Theme websites are cheap and fast to build. We can crank them out less than two weeks if you’re organized and for under $1500 if we keep it no-frills.

It will be simple. Like us helping you host on a platform like Wix, or if you want us to build to a theme like you’d find on Themeforest – sure.

It will get the job done—for now.

But bear in mind…

Poor people spend more money on boots because they cant’ afford good boots out the gate. I keep saying this over and over, but now, I give up. You want a fast, simple, functional website you’ll probably need to replace in two years, who am I to stand in your way?

We will oblige.

Here’s our process:

First, we get you a domain and hosting. More on that later.

The next steps are:


1. Site skeleton / SEO keyword – sign off.


2. Copy points for each page – just rough bullets are fine, or links to existing pages, I’ll do the copywriting and SEO once they’re in.


3. Imagery – please send us as many high-res photos as you can. We’ll set you up with a Shared Drive so you can upload to the Cloud.

4. Stock photography – we can fill the gaps with stock photos if need be. They’re about $15/credit, so custom or original photos is preferable.


*This would be the time to look into getting professional headshots. We can set that up.


5. Design of first two pages. We’ll show this to you once we get the photos and copy in (give us a few days after). If you like the direction, we’ll do one round of edits and sign off on those pages and build out the rest with these first pages as a style template.


6. Final design delivery. One round of edits.


7. Hosting setup. 


8. Beta launch. Bug fixes.


9. Launch.

And that’s it! (For us.)


10. Edits down the road.

If you want to make changes, you can do it autonomously through Editor. After the changes are done, then you have to save it. You can always “preview” it before going live in Wix Editor.

If the new changes look good and you are happy with them then you just have to click “publish” again to see the latest changes live.

So to sum up:

1. Open Editor

2. Make some changes

3. Save (often it’s autosaving, but click save just to make sure)

4. Preview it

If everything is ok, click “publish”, if not go back to point 2.

The changes are updated.

In the editor you can switch between mobile device and desktop version. Sometimes it needs a little adjustment on the mobile site version too.


Here are a few sites we’ve done from themes.