Production Fees who needs them? And why?

Website Maintenance

If you own a car, it will eventually need maintenance. Same goes for your website.

You can’t just get and forget a website. Applications need to be updated, broken code and links need to be fixed, and it never hurts to take a peek under the hood once or twice a year to make sure everything is running smoothly.

While a website appears to be a static on the surface, it is still dependent on the Internet, which is probably the most dynamic and ever-changing force ever created by humans. If your website is a car, the Internet is the elements. We had a client that lost countless leads because of an outdated application, which we would have found and fixed in a routine checkup had it been requested.


If you’re using your CMS (WordPress) frequently and making your own edits, it’s advisable to have us do two checkups a year.


If you’re more hands-off, you might be safe with one checkup a year.


Of course, we can perform a checkup any time. To streamline the process, however, we do the Smokey The Bear thing and remind you to change the batteries in your smoke alarms (and keep your website running smoothly) every Daylight Saving Day.


If you don’t want reminders, please let us know and you can opt out of one or both reminders.


If you don’t want reminders—you just want things to work the way they should without being bothered, we can add a maintenance fee ($15/month) that will cover the cost of your checkups each year and they will be performed automatically (by humans) every time the clocks change.


Beyond Just Maintenance, Here’s What We Offer:


Extreme Response Troubleshooting


Creative, Branding and Design