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Vancouver homeless veterans ad campaign


We finally did it. We cracked Lürzer’s.


Not all heroes have homes


Lürzer’s Archive is known for being the ultimate compendium of the most creative advertising in the world. It’s a celebration of the craft. I’ve been thumbing through its pages since 2002, wondering if I’d ever have my work in there.


Outdoor Homeless Veteran Ad in Vancouver


I can remember about twenty years ago, I had my first portfolio on the kitchen table with a Lürzer’s open next to it, and I thought: So, what makes good advertising, anyway? What are the big agencies hiring for? What do the smartest clients want? What kind of work just works?


Homeless Veteran Ad in Lurzers


Back then, I realized that there are a few paths to take. You can latch on to the style that the biggest brands use. You can mimic the advertising that’s winning awards. You can go through life just giving people what they want. Or, if you’re like me, you toil in the long shadows of a selective creative advertising publication, until you don’t look out of place.


Lurzers Archive ads for homeless veterans


Then, one day, in the Spring (2021) edition, we finally appeared.




The first campaign was for Homeless Veterans in Canada, the other for Shearwater’s Peregrine dive computers.


Vancouver pro bono ads for veterans


Both campaigns were with made with Vancouver advertising photographer Peter Holst.


Shearwater print ad


As you can see, once we discovered the winning formula, we stuck with it.


Lurzers archive Shearwater