LE Sweater sketch

From Concept to Execution

All of our ads start out as simple little sketches.

LE Sweater sketch


When I present concepts (three at a time), my drawings usually look like this.


Original MS Sketch

MS original sketch 3

I mean, I’m no Michaelangelo, but you get the idea. Don’t get too caught up in the drawing, and think about theĀ concept. That’s what I’m trying to capture here, anyway.

Sure, it looks rough, but that’s not the point. We don’t want to be focusing on the details at this stage, just the broad strokes.

So, once I present the first three ideas to build a key visual around, the next step is to choose one, and run with it.

When I get the designers and photographers onboardā€”THAT’S when the magic happens!

MS Tug of war ad


Once the client picks the concept they like, that becomes their key visual .

Things start happening right away.

From here, we move into the print advertising process.


Loan Express Serious Time

Eventually this evolved into an exploding dye pack (which is way better).



CCE 70s hippie

CCE 70s milkman

Far out.

Roofers Sketch proud of

RCABC roof your roofer's proud of

You get the idea. It starts out looking a liiiiitle rough, but it always ends up looking amazing.




Lawyers On Horses – How It Happened.

Miller Titerle + Company wanted an ad to celebrate winning an award.

They had recently introduced a plus (+) in their name and logo.Ā 

So I thought, let’s build a giant + and have the staff sit on it, and lean on it, and interact with it.

Simple. Safe. Done!

Miller Titerle idea one sketch

I always present three ideas though. I can’t remember where we were going with Idea #2.

MT idea 2 sketch

Okay this one is way out there.

There’s no way in a million years that they’ll for for Idea #3.

It’s funny though.

Man, horses are really hard to draw!

OMG they picked #3.

We are in so much trouble!

How are we ever going to make… Lawyers on Horses!