Four Reasons for Quality Content

Four Reasons To Produce Quality Content

If you want your business to be seen on the Internet—you need to write. Constantly.

Why all the content? Here are four reasons.

1 – To spread branded messaging. People love to share interesting blog posts and columns. They pass them on to their friends and sometimes, they go viral. Anthea’s blog post Vancouver real estate got thousands of views in just a few weeks. Through Facebook, you can share a post of a picture and have thousands of people attached to your name in only a few hours.

2- To improve your position on Google. SEO and social media are closely linked. It’s one thing to have a well-optimized site, but another to bolster your search rankings with fresh material. We have brought everyone from law firms to realtors to mattress stores to the top over the last thirteen years.

3 – Online real estate. It’s one thing to have your website on the first page of Google. It’s another to dominate the whole front page. Every listicle, blog post, Twitter link, or LinkedIn account you have taking up space for a keyword is a link back to you and a space your competition isn’t occupying. That’s a lot of prime, beachfront property.

4 – To catch unexpected keywords. When you go to a hockey game, the last thing on your mind is probably your Rogers cell phone. But that doesn’t mean that sponsoring the stadium is a bad idea. Same goes for the businesses that sponsor the news—it’s a little hit of branding that frames a wildly popular event. When we create content, we often build it around things that people are searching for locally online. It’s like having your own local magazine, without having to buy ink by the barrel.


Creating consistent content is one thing. Having it done by professional, local writers is another issue altogether. Immersion Creative only assigns professional writers with university degrees to your account. We are all local too, so we understand the Vancouver and BC market, unlike content farms overseas.

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