Luerzer's archives over the years

LĆ¼rzer’s ArchiveĀ 

We are in the latest (Spring 2021) Lurzer’s Archive. Four ads for homeless veterans. Two for epic scuba diving underwater ninjas with luminous watches. So similar themes.

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Working With Immersion Creative

If you want to work with Immersion Creative you will find that we have a very clear course of action with each of our processesā€”even. though it might look like chaos on the surface.

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Mike Catherall 2020 - 900x600

Consulting – Our Process

What could one guy really know about advertising? He’s gone through over a hundred clients and probably seen and made every mistake in the book over the last thirteen years with Immersion and nineteen in the game. Oh. I see. Maybe he does know a thing or two.

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