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March 20, 2021 | Filed Under advertising, Awards, Vancouver advertising 

It only took us eighteen years, but we finally did it. We cracked Lürzer’s.

Lürzer’s Archive is known for being the ultimate compendium of the most creative advertising in the world. It’s a celebration of the craft. I’ve been thumbing through its pages since 2003, wondering if I’d ever have my work in there. So making ads of that calibre has always been my ambition


When I first started out, I used to obsess about the ads in there and my number one goal was to get in the compendium one day. It’s the go-to for the best work out there.

Almost twenty years ago, I started asking myself: what makes good advertising? What kind of work are the big agencies hiring for? What kind of work do the smartest clients want? What kind of work just works?




Back then, I realized that there are a few paths to take. You can latch on to the style that the biggest brands use. You can mimic the advertising that’s winning awards. You can go through life just giving people what they want. Or, if you’re like me, you toil in the long shadows of the world’s most selective creative advertising publication, until its standards align with your own.


We were featured in the latest Lürzer’s Archive (twice). So that long eighteen year wait may have been worth it after all. Six ads total.

One of the campaigns was for Homeless Veterans in Canada, the other for Shearwater’s Peregrine dive computers. Both campaigns were with made with the extraordinary Vancouver advertising photographer Peter Holst.




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